Cheap Laptops Are Getting Better

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There was a time when getting a good computer meant spending over a thousand dollars and sacrificing on portability and design. In recent years, however, the trend of creating slim, powerful, and affordable laptops has picked up. These days, it is very easy to get a really good, powerful laptop, around $750. This is great for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend but still need something that can handle heavy workloads.  

These are ‘Gaming’ Laptops 

The laptops we are talking about fall under the category of gaming laptops. They all come with quadcore CPUs and dedicated GTX-series video cards by Nvidia. They don’t have the best screens, but usually come with strong speakers. They also boast pretty solid cooling technologies so that they don’t run hot when under load. They’re not the lightest laptops but are still quite manageable.  

Now, they do come under the gaming category, but the fact that they have quadcore CPUs and dedicated video cards means that they can handle a vast array of tasks ranging from video editing and 3D modeling to running the best photo editing software. They also have the possibility of adding an SSD if you are sick of the slow hard drives that still dominate the budget laptop market, allowing you to achieve blazing fast speeds for the OS and your most used programs. You can also increase the RAM on these laptops so that you can use multiple programs at once without having your whole system hang up.  

So, for most of your tasks, ranging from the most basic to the most demanding, a budget gaming laptop is a very viable choice. Of course, if you have more money you can get even better laptops that have better keyboards, more color-accurate screens, and are better in design. But if you don’t, then you can get a budget gaming laptop and you’ll be quite happy with it.  

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