The Rise of Multi-Lens Smartphones

Technology is something that is ever-evolving. It strives to make our lives easier and more comfortable by providing new and innovative solutions to everyday problems. Despite having many facets, today we are going to focus on a new technological trend in the world of smartphones, which is the introduction of multiple lenses for smartphone cameras.  

More Creative Control 

The main idea behind putting more lenses than one at the back of smartphones is to give users much more control over how creative they can get with their photography. Smartphones already had manual controls and even RAW support, but the addition of such lenses makes them more capable to taking very good-looking photos.  

With dual, or even triple, camera lenses on a smartphone, you can take photos the likes of which you couldn’t before. You can zoom into scenes without cropping thanks to telephoto lenses; you can take photos of large groups of people without cutting anyone out of the photo thanks to wide angle lenses; you can take stunning-looking black and white street shots thanks to monochrome lenses. So, there is a lot you can do directly on your phone without having to edit photos in the best photo editor for Mac or Windows in order to do these basic tasks. Of course, you can edit your photos in such editors for more creative effects, but at least you don’t need to do that for cropping, reframing, or using a black and white filter.  

Another great thing made possible by multiple lenses is a fake bokeh effect for photos. To make this happen, the phone uses its main camera to take the actual photo while the secondary camera is being used as a ‘depth sensor’. Then, the phone combines the information from the two photos to blur out the background of the final scene.  

So, it’s a great time to be alive if you’re someone who enjoys technology and takes a lot of photos on their phone. With the rise of such multi-lens smartphones, you don’t really have to spend additional money on a compact camera for most of your daily photography.